5 simple tips to stay on track with your health

Hello! Happy Thursday, friends. We are one day closer to Friday and a loonng weekend! Today I wanted to share some simple tips I use to stay on track with my health. All of these may be things you already know, but it never hurts to have a little reminder of the basic ways we can promote our well-being and make better choices on a regular basis.

K, let’s get into it!

A Fit Mess

1. Pay attention to beverages and limit your drinks to water, coffee, or tea.
Juice, sports drinks, and soda are loaded with calories and provide almost no health benefits. They also spike your insulin levels which can add to your waistline. Water,coffee, and tea are hands down the best choices out there. And be sure to drink water throughout the day. I always carry a water bottle with me so I don’t forget to stay hydrated. Remember: bloating and headaches can often be a sign of dehydration.

2.  Eat your vegetables and salad FIRST when you sit down for a meal. This is beneficial for a couple of reasons. Starting your meal with veggies may keep you from eating more than you planned simply because they fill you up. Plus, you’ll get a good dose of fiber and water from the vegetables which can keep you feeling satisfied.

3.  Cut out processed foods and items with preservatives.
Processed foods include anything that has been altered from its natural state. These items contain very few nutrients and include chemicals and artificial dyes. Processed foods are also much harder for your body to digest. Be sure to read your labels and if you can’t pronounce or identify ingredients on something, don’t eat it. Stick with real food and have the majority of your meals come from quality protein, vegetables, and fruit.

4.  Prepare your own food. This is truly one of the most effective ways to stay on track with your health. Making your own meals (including packing a lunch for work) gives you complete control over your food intake. You know exactly what you putting into your body. Plus, having a prepared meal keeps the guesswork out of eating. You’ll be less likely to just order takeout (or buy lunch) and you’ll save money, too!

5. Take a probiotic or eat probiotic foods every day. Good digestion is key to managing weight, increasing energy, and promoting overall health. Probiotics are known as “good bacteria” and can be found in fermented foods (like yogurt, pickled veggies, and kombucha). If your gut is healthy, your digestion is supported. That means your body will be able to break down, process, and absorb all the nutrients you are taking in. If you don’t eat a lot of fermented food, you may want to supplement. This is the kind we use.

What tip(s) would you add to this list?



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