3 things on my birthday

Hi there. Hope everyone is doing well. What an odd week it’s been, right? I think the holiday has just thrown most of us off.

Today I turn 33. I can still consider myself in my early thirties, right? It’s funny… age used to be such a big deal when I was in my twenties and now I actually forget how old I am. Seriously. I told someone I was 31 recently. Anyone else do that?

Birthdays and the start of a new year inevitably cause me to do a bit of self-reflection. Lately I find myself thinking about the direction my life has taken, the things I used to hope for…if they’ve changed, and how I feel about it all.

My life certainly hasn’t followed the path I thought it would. Like others, I’ve had my share of heartbreak, disappointment, and loss. I’ve felt helpless and just really negative at times. But so many amazing and surprising things have occurred in my life that wouldn’t have happened if everything lined up perfectly. I don’t understand why suffering happens, but life is a gift and I’m grateful for each day – even the bad ones.

So how do I feel on my 33rd birthday? Happy and full. And just really, really thankful.

With these feelings in mind, here are three thoughts I wanted to share on my birthday:

1. Trust the path.

It can sometimes feel like we are just stumbling along trying to get to some future (better) point in our lives. There’s no one who can tell us the right choice to make or which direction to choose. Here’s where I try to remind myself to trust the path. To trust it even if I’m not sure where it might lead. Because we all have the ability to change direction and try another path.

2. Take the right attitude.

Having a good mindset makes all the difference, yet it’s difficult to do at times.  There’s always going to be something that knocks you back a bit, but choosing the right attitude when you really want to take the wrong one will change everything. My mom used to tell me I needed an “attitude adjustment” when I was in a bad mood. As usual, she was right!

3. Be grateful for everything.

What do you feel fortunate for in your life? It doesn’t matter if it’s something as small as enjoying a really good cup of coffee or that you have a healthy family. Take a moment to appreciate the things in your life that you may not always remember or recognize.

So how will I spend my birthday?

I’ve taken the day off from work (<–highly recommend!) and I’m spending the early morning in a quiet house reading and drinking coffee before the girls get up. A contractor is coming over to start working on the first phase of our living room redesign. I may sneak in a quick workout, too! So nothing too exciting, but I’m a homebody and this is pretty perfect for me.

Plus a birthday dinner!

Buffalo wings

When Matt asked me what I wanted to eat for my birthday dinner, I immediately thought of the homemade pizza from PaleOMG (found in Julie Bauer’s cookbook), baked chicken wings, and carrot cake (<–my very favorite).

Over the weekend, the girls and I picked up the ingredients to make my birthday cake and I’m excited to try this recipe by Elana’s pantry. Sounds really simple and delicious! It will not look like this by any means, but it will be tasty!


And the girls’ nanny (who really is part of our family) surprised me with some tasty treats which I will also be enjoying later today! Wine + chocolate = happiness.


Did you remember to enter my spa giveaway? Be sure to register for a chance to win a facial or massage!

Tell me about something you are grateful for.

What’s your favorite kind of cake?


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