About Me

Alyssa Alegre

Hello! I’m Alyssa. Thanks for stopping by.

I love all things health and fitness. I’ve been into exercise ever since I was little and my dad asked me to take a run with him. At the time, I hated it, but I soon learned how good I felt exercising and what a difference it made on me inside and out. Now I am straight up hooked. I get supremely moody if I don’t workout.

I am a recovering cardio junkie. I used to only do aerobic activities, like running. Later, I learned that being strong was so much more important than being skinny. Now, I enjoy lifting, spinning, and yoga. Exercising is one of my top priorities.

I eat mostly Paleo and avoid gluten and dairy. I don’t eat red meat (for various reasons), but I love chicken and fish. I’m a pretty good baker and I enjoy experimenting with recipes. I just love fresh, wholesome food.

Now for the messy part. I’m a thirty something year old mother of twin girls. They are the loves of my life and drive me equal parts crazy and over-the-moon happy. Becoming a parent was absolutely the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done. Finding the time to exercise and stay healthy while taking care of my family and working full-time is difficult, but totally possible. I believe that self-care is essential for living a happy life.

I hope this blog will help inspire you to squeeze in some quick workouts, steal a few parenting hacks, and maybe have a few laughs over my somewhat chaotic life.

Please feel free to email me at alyssa (at) afitmess.com

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