Creating a “wellness vision” + setting goals

Hello and happy Friday from St. Louis! I am headed home today and am so excited to see my girls again! I look forward to travel, but then when it happens I always want to hurry back to my family.

Today I wanted to share something I came across recently. Last week, I listened to a podcast which discussed the idea of creating a “wellness vision” for yourself. This concept really resonated with me. I absolutely believe in using visualization as a strategy for success. And I think we can all benefit from a little self-reflection, don’t you?

A wellness vision refers to imagining how you look and feel at your ideal health. Picture how you physically appear, what your emotions are like, what behaviors you demonstrate, and what your routine is. Be as detailed as possible. When we are vague with our goals (“I want to lose 10 pounds.”) then it’s hard to see the complete process or make a plan. And it’s even easier to just let it go. Hello, New Year’s resolutions, anyone?

What’s your wellness vision?

Maybe you see yourself working out three days per week and getting 8 hours of sleep. Maybe you see yourself at your goal weight with loads of energy to play with your kids at night. Or maybe you see yourself completing a 10k on your way to train for a marathon. Obviously these will vary from person to person. But every vision is valid.

The idea is to take a hard look at what YOU want and what your priorities are – both large and small.

Once you’ve started to picture yourself this way, you can begin to outline how you plan to get there. This is where goal setting comes into play. While it may seem like an obvious part of the process, it’s often overlooked. But defining short term and long term goals is a critical component of any health plan. Not only does it allow us to measure our progress, but it keeps us motivated. The two are completely dependent on one another. If we don’t see progress then it’s difficult to remain motivated. And if we aren’t motivated then we can’t make progress.

I am a big fan of short term goals. They keep you accountable and provide an opportunity to check in with yourself at various points along the way. Plus, it can be overwhelming to think of your end goal and how you are going to achieve it, especially if your goal is ambitious. This might be where you need to enlist help from an expert, such as a strength coach, doctor, or health professional to find the best way to get you there.

I used visualization and goals when I was pregnant with the girls. I felt overwhelmed by the idea of carrying twins to term. I kept thinking, I’m too small! I’m not strong enough. How can I possibly do this? I decided early on that I needed to adopt a better attitude. Having smaller goals gave me something to focus my energy on. These included: drink 10-12 glasses of water a day, take my prenatals every day, and keep my blood sugar at a normal level. My overall goal was to reach 34 weeks, then 36 and finally 38 weeks when I delivered the girls. It was daunting to think about carrying twins, but with the support of those around me, I dedicated my attention to the short term plans I made.

Because there is always going to be that voice. You know the one.

Not matter what your goal(s), we all have that voice inside us that likes to tell us no. It’s negative self-talk and we all do it. Whether it’s telling ourselves that we can’t control our diet, or we’ll never be at the weight we want, or we can’t get our life together. It’s there. Do not let it convince you that you can’t. I truly believe that anything worth having is hard. But the work is worth it. Believe in yourself and you can achieve the things you want.

So start with these questions:

  • What do want your health to look like?
  • What is a priority for you?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • How do you want to look?
  • What steps can you take TODAY to get there?

It can be challenging to think about yourself in this way. There are so many other things we should be focusing our energy on, right? But getting yourself to a better place will have an impact on all other areas of your life. You owe it to yourself. And you deserve it.

Now have a fabulous weekend and stay motivated!

Have you ever heard of a wellness vision?

Has there ever been a time when you used short term goals to get you to your long term plan?